About Us

Chafia Captial Partners stands out amongst the crowd

About Us

Chafia Capital Partners is an opportunistic investor that embraces challenges across several asset classes, and a variety of industries. Chafia firmly believes in implementing a highly proactive methodology for all its investments. This approach includes a management style that seeks to achieve maximum value-added results. The team emphasizes intense, thorough due diligence and combines that with carefully calculated cost and risk management.

Chafia’s portfolio contains multiple companies under its ownership and control, and real estate assets totaling over 2.5 million sq ft. across various properties and development sites. The Chafia Capital Partners team has decades of experience in real estate, investment management and advisory. Operationally, with its start-up companies and operating business portfolio, the Chafia team provides support, guidance and resources necessary to grow the businesses. This is done through several strategies such as creating new sales opportunities, implementing systems to measure against specific strategic goals, and deploying targeted capital to high return projects.

Our Story

The Chafia Story (Final)

Our story is encapsulated by our transformation project in Newark, NJ. Formerly an abandoned warehouse for over 40 years, SNAP Parking opened in 2012 after just one year of construction from zoning approvals to completion. The facility is the largest indoor off-airport parking garage serving Newark Airport with over 230,000 SF of parking space and a 24/7 full-service valet and shuttle operation. 

Beginning in fall 2019, phase II of this transformative improvement project commenced: a proposed hotel on top of SNAP Parking comprising 3 levels and 110 guest rooms, along with amenities including an outdoor balcony, bar and breakfast lounge, fitness center, business center, and meeting facilities. The brand new Comfort Inn and Suites hotel was completed in the fall of 2023 and is currently welcoming guests from all around the world alongside SNAP Parking. 

Our Mission

To maximize value through strategic investment, cost-effective development, and disciplined and creative management.